History of Custom Military Coins

The challenge coin, often called medallion or custom military coins, is more than just a simple collectible material. It came from a very rich culture. Different countries have different stories that involve the significance of the medallion to their nationals’ lives. There are many stories about its importance to various unions. There are also many legends about the medallion.

The custom military coins have been a part of several groups’ tradition. It has been a part of many unions’ history. Each of these organizations have their own ways of keeping the legacy alive. These are some background stories about how the medallion was given importance by many unions in the present generation.

The World War I

custom military coinsDuring the 1st World War, a lieutenant bought bronze medallions. These were presented to his constituents. One of the custom military coins was kept inside a leather pouch that was hung around the neck of a pilot. He never took it off since it was given to him. He was the only one who did this among all the other members.

While the armies are at war, the pilot’s aircraft got severely damaged by the opponent’s attacks. Because of this, he was forced to land on the enemies’ territory. By the time he got out of the aircraft, he was captured by the opponents. He was brought to their base camp to serve to them as a slave. The captors took all of his belongings. They got everything that is valuable and essential for an individual’s survival. This includes all his identification stuff. All was taken from him except for the pouch hanging on his neck. This is to discourage him from escaping their territory. Without all those things, he would have nothing to use to get back to his camp.

The pilot still managed to escape despite of the tight security. He took that opportunity while there were explosions. That night, the place he was taken to was bombarded by the enemies. He had the courage to do this even if he has nothing that will provide his basic necessities. When he found the French sector, they thought of executing him. He has nothing to prove that he was not an enemy so he took out the medallion. The moment he showed the medallion in the pouch, the execution was cancelled. Instead, he was given a bottle of wine.

Since then, the medallion was used to show their identity as member of their union. They commanded their members to wear their medallions on a pouch at all times. This is how the challenge came to be. They practice this tradition to encourage their constituents to carry their medallions with them all the time.

World War II

The Office of Strategic Service used the challenge coins during the 2nd World War. The custom military coins were used as bona fides during assemblies. By bona fides, it means that these medallions serve as tickets or passes to every assemblies. The members present their coins to make sure that all the people present in their meetings are members of the organization. Each medallion presented is examined by the officers. Every detail is inspected such as the date, the emblem, and the type of the coin. This is to prevent non-members to associate with their businesses. This is to make sure that no one is there to spy on them.

There is another story that happened during the World War II. It happened in the Philippines while an American soldier had a meeting with the Filipino guerrillas. The American soldier used this to present his identities to the guerrillas. This is to make sure that they are dealing with the army who will help them win against the Japanese forces.

Non-Military Organizations

Other than the military, there are other organizations who are also using challenge coins. One of these is the United States Congress. They order challenge coins to be distributed to every member of the Congress and their constituents.

Our custom military coins designs are the finest you can get.

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What are Misters?

Misters or misting fans as some would like to call them, are those huge cooling machines people usually see by the sidelines during a football game. Areas promoted as chill zones in large gatherings are made possible by these misting fans. These misting fans can work so well that the ambient temperature can drop by as much as 40° Fahrenheit.

Misting fans provide an excellent cooling solution for events that expect to have a large crowd cramped into one tight location. These machines make huge gatherings tolerable as human body heat tends to stay trapped when large amounts of people are clustered in one place.

What are misters used for?

These machines are typically used for cooling an area without having to spend so much money on air conditioners. Operating air conditioners can be very expensive, not to mention the negative impact that it might have on the environment.

The added bonus of using a misting fan is that it can be repositioned at the leisure of the operators. This makes the misting fan a very versatile cooling solution that can adapt to changing circumstances.

Misting fans are also used by botanists and produce sellers. Misting fans are used by botanists in greenhouses to increase the humidity for plants that require a lot of moisture to survive. Produce sellers use misting fans as humidifiers to help keep their goods fresh in the market.

The earliest use of misters though was back in the 1950s. During this era, misting fans were used by livestock owners to help keep their cattle cool. It was not until a few decades later that restaurants, and thereafter the general public, caught on with the use of misting fans as a cooling solution.

How misting fans work

Misting fans cool the air through thermodynamics by taking advantage of a phenomenon known as evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is the process of cooling the air by evaporating liquid. The human body is a very good example of this sort of phenomenon.

The human body perspires and perspiration eventually evaporates. The reason behind that is because the sweat absorbs the body heat and evaporates thus leaving the body a little bit cooler than before.

The idea behind misters is the same. The air blown by misting fans is mixed with super tiny droplets of water. These tiny droplets of water then make contact with sunlight or ambient air. The temperature is high enough for the micro droplets to evaporate almost instantaneously and in the process take a little bit of heat with them. The heat absorbed by the micro droplets of water results in the cool gust of air blown by misting fans.

Benefits of using mist fans over air conditioners

Mist fans have certain advantages over air conditioners that make them a better option than the latter in certain aspects.

First of all, mist fans are easy to assemble. Mist fans take little to no assembly before use. Air conditioners do not typically require assembly, but it does require installation. Installing an air conditioner is not exactly something almost anyone can do, whereas assembling a mist fan will not require a degree in rocket science.

Mist fans can also be repositioned, which is one of the limiting weaknesses of an air conditioner. Most air conditioners are installed fixtures which cannot be moved. Those which can be moved are typically too large for a single human being to move by themselves.

Mist fans, most of them anyway, can be moved by an adult from one location to another with little effort.

Mist fans are also a lot cheaper than air conditioners. Air conditioners are still the best cooling solution when it comes to making a room colder, but misting fans are definitely and significantly cheaper. The same is true for operational costs considering the amount of electricity that air conditioners consume.

A large collection of misters is also a more cost effective solution than air conditioners especially in outdoor areas.

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Live Chat Software: Why It Is Good for Business

There are many aspects that can make a business successful. And sometimes, simple acts such as giving proper customer service can go a long way in earning a loyal pool of customers. And while there are different aspects of customer service, it can be done even with simple gestures such as providing an open means for communication. And with a lot of business going the online route, one of the best ways to create a communication avenue is to use live chat software. There are many reasons why the incorporation of such a system is a great thing to have.

1. It provides an extra means of communication-

live chat softwareTraditional contact and support lines such as telephone numbers and emails are still very much effective. But having an extra means to ensure communication lines are open certainly won’t hurt. Having live chat software would be a major upgrade in this regard as it provides an extra means for communication. Plus, this form of communication has its own unique set of advantages which would be touched on at the later parts of this article.

2. Allows for instantaneous communication-

Chat software allows both company and client to communicate with each other in real time. Working the same way as an instant messenger, these programs allow clients to tell the business what they need immediately. What’s more, replies can be sent immediately to the sender. This allows for convenient and seamless conversations.

3. Provides a lot of convenience-

Having this software makes things very convenient for both the business and the customer. Starting a conversation is as easy as opening the program, typing in the message, and pressing send. As soon as one side presses send, the other party is able to read the message immediately, and replies can be sent back and forth when necessary. Because people can start and reply to conversations easily, the convenience of using live chat software is undisputed.

4. Improves a company’s reputation-

A company’s reputation can be sealed in both a positive and negative way. Depending on how response is doled out during inquiries, a consumer can have an image of how the company holds business. One of the factors that affect the effectiveness of a response is the quickness in which the response is sent. Live chat software can provide that means to reply quickly. As you would know already, timely responses create a lasting image. And responding in a timely manner can improve a company’s reputation in a big way.

Because of the many advantages it’s capable of giving, installing chat software is definitely good for business. If you’re interested to take your business to the next level, install one for yours today.

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The Costs of SEO Services

We are in the era of online shopping and digital marketing. In this web-driven world, SEO services become a necessity rather than a simple option only. So the question now is not whether to get the services for your company but rather how much you are willing to pay for such services.

In order to get a great deal with your planned contract, you must first understand the basics of the SEO services payment schemes and models.

The Payment Models

Ordinarily, the agencies that provide these types of digital services have four main forms of payment schemes. They are:

SEO1. Monthly retainer –

This mode or scheme of payment is the most commonly used by SEO agencies mainly because this model offers the most return of investments for their companies. It is a very straightforward arrangement in which the client will pay every month the amount that was agreed by both parties every in exchange for their acquired SEO services.

Monthly retainer-type of agreements usually include services such as regular analytics reports, improvements of on-site content, press releases, research of relevant keywords, link building, and of course, optimization.

2. Fixed pricing for Contract Services–

As you will probably find out, almost all agencies that sell SEO services offer contract services. They often post it in their websites or include it in their advertisements. It is basically a client paying the whole contract amount upfront or in agreed terms in exchange for a whole package of work. Mostly, the contract services are website audits or Return on Investment Analysis.

3. Project-based pricing –

This type of payment scheme being used by SEO agency is very similar with fixed priced contract services except that the services being required by the client is very specific for their needs. When it comes to pricing, the company and the client will have to work out the amount based on the scope of the project and the type of services, however, it is understandable that the costs may be a little over than the amount of the fixed-price contracts.

4. Hourly rate for Consultations –

In this mode of payment, the client pays an hourly rate for the consultation services provided by the agency. Usually, the SEO agency who acts as the consultant will provide professional advice or information that is deemed essential by the contracting client.

Normally, all agencies or companies that provide SEO services offer all of these payment schemes. It is also possible that the client will have to enter an agreement with the agency using different models of payments. It is not restrictive and the flexibilities of such agreements are not barring issues to both parties.

It is important to remember that knowing these modes of payments is important most especially if you are still planning your acquisition. If ever a company will give you an offer that is different from what has been identified, study the proposition and check its legitimacy. Remember that in this time and age of digital anonymity, it is highly possible that scammers are just there waiting for their unknowing victims.

SEO Services provided by SEO Company

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SEO Firm with High Quality Services

Service delivery is an essential part of any industry. Particularly emphasis on quality of these services is a matter of concern for many companies. When it comes to services provided by an SEO firm, the quality of the SEO services are very important to the success of your website. There are many SEO firms in the industry today, those that utilize white hat SEO services and those that use Black hat SEO services. Black hat SEO services are considered the worst quality of services that you can get from an SEO firm and they can cost your website in a very big way.

SEOChoosing an SEO firm that invests largely in white hat SEO services will mean that you will get the best out of your website. White hat SEO services are considered to be SEO techniques that are implemented in accordance with various rules and regulations. These types of techniques are guaranteed to gain your website popularity and higher search engine rankings that will be stable enough to last. Credibility is very important when it comes to the SEO measures that you implement in your website. Search engines consider some websites as authoritative sites and therefore give them leading rankings when it comes to a related keyword search.

For your website to gain search credibility among these search engines, you not only have to use white hat SEO techniques but also ensure that the SEO firm generates quality content for all the information that is uploaded on the net on your website’s behalf. Whether it is blog posts, social media posting and forums, all these content should be information that is useful to the client in order for your website to be considered as an authoritative site.

Tailoring services to specific needs is also something that you should look for in an SEO firm. Implementing the full range of SEO techniques in the industry today can probably make your website the top among all search engines but this is a theoretical approach that is also quite expensive. There are some websites or companies that are way bigger than others and expenditure varies depending on one factor or the other. Therefore tailoring service to the particular budgetary allocation as well as milestone achievements is necessary in order for every company to get a fair chance at achieving internet domination. Some of the high quality SEO services provided by and SEO firm include pay per performance SEO, SEO consulting, Google maps Optimization and Reputation management. These are just some of the important services that should be mentioned at initial contact with an SEO firm. Ensure that you get at least any of the above, or a combination of two or more of these SEO services.

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